Monday, 8 July 2013

Something New

Hello world. Hello new blog. Hello a new beginning into the written world.  

Most people start blogs like this when they're growing up, now I believe I'm past that "growing phase". I'm 18 (and 7/8ths) so I've already been through the pains of growing; literal, psychical and mental. However it's now I feel like I'm really starting something important within my life which is why I'm starting this blog. Since starting university I've met a lot of new and different people from different backgrounds and different aspects of life so, like most average teenagers, I started looking and comparing my own life to theirs, an emotional and psychological journey to be sure of that, I started to realise so much more such as the way I treat others, how different my family life is and how your upbringing really effects the person you become. I've come from a pretty basic background; my parents are still together, I've one older brother and we've had no major family upsets happen to mix up this standard life but this "growing phase" I've spoken of has been the reason for my upset but that's for another day!
Now I think I'm also writing this because I want to speak my mind and let out anything that my mind has kept trapped up in my prison of a emotional web. Personally, I'm a closed person and no there's nothing wrong with that but believe me, sometimes you really want to just scream to the world and give whoever may be up in the sky the middle finger because sometimes life can be really damn hard! Then you take a step back, breathe in some of that polluted oxygen that Birmingham holds and think about the good and, like a blanket, these feelings are covered and hidden for another day.
So this is my new blog. Just a simple girl. Sharing something (and the majority will contain at least one thing about my cats)
Muchos Love
EB x